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2016 Toyota 4Runner SR5: A tough car to cover extreme terrains!

If carrying luggage is your priority, you should choose a vehicle that is tough and sturdy on the road. Driving in rough terrains can be a tedious task for everyone and for those who travel on regular basis will understand the importance of a vehicle. There are only a few vehicles that help car lovers to dominate the road completely.

Looking to purchase athletic and tough car to cross extreme terrains? If yes, then purchase 2016 Toyota 4Runner SR5, which is an exquisite multipurpose SUV, specifically designed to for the ones who are adventurous. With scintillating performance and stylish interiors, it also has a hardcore engine. Everything is massive when it comes to 2016 Toyota 4Runner SR5, black bezel headlights, and oversized grille, this car is capable of clawing over all hurdles that comes its way.


Responsive, balanced and huge car for every car aspirant who is passionate about cars, 2016 Toyota 4Runner SR5 has matte black TRD alloy wheels which are wrapped in 31.5 in. The safety equipments offered by this car are quite impressive to everyone. Nitto Terra Grappler all-terrain tires, so that you get maximum grip on the road.

To rule the road, browse online to check out the pricing and latest reviews on this amazing car!


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Top Four Services of Authorised Dealership

The present market of automobile sale and purchase is blooming all the way with the continuously increasing number of the users and the constantly fluctuating demands of the customers. As well, to fulfill the every need of the endlessly growing customer base, every manufacturer like Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen, etc. is offering various services in the regions of Montreal, Longueuil, Boucherville and many more at reasonable prices.


However, following we have enlisted the top four services that an authorised dealership is providing to its potential customer base, while fulfilling the needs of user & achieving their own sales goals. Let us have a look below:

Latest Inventory: An authorised dealer is one that owns the latest release from the manufacturer at very first in the market, which gives a huge edge of choices available to the customer without waiting for long.

Certified Used Cars: They offer latest as well as used vehicles from the manufacturer at genuine price, but deals in only certified used cars that are thoroughly tested by manufacturer’s engineer with a certification of accreditation.

Genuine Prices: Another is the availability of deals at genuine prices, which not only fits the customer budget, but as well help the dealership & manufacturer to gain their own set monetary goals from the sale of the vehicles.

Value Added Services: Apart from above, some other value added services are offered as well, like extended warranty period, genuine parts & performance enhancing accessories, original tires, and many more for increasing the resale market value of the vehicle.

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Benefits of Purchasing Certified Vehicles

Toyota-Sienna-Steering-Wheel-ControlsCertified vehicles are those which have been inspected and certified by a manufacturer or any other certifying authority. They are a type of used vehicles. They generally include extended warranty, special financing offers and other additional benefits. Manufacturer certified vehicles are only sold at authorized dealers specializing in that particular franchise.

These vehicles often cost more than non-licensed one. But, there are the benefits of buying like

  • Best Condition Quality: Low mileage vehicles with clean history are accepted into certified pre-owned programs
  • Extended Warranty Protection: These type of vehicles comes with the extended warranty
  • Roadside Assistance: These come up with 24 hours roadside assistance. This service assists owners who may run out of fuel, need a jump-start etc
  • Free Maintenance Service: There is a provision of free maintenance service for a specific time or mileage limit which is included as part of the certification process
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Some manufacturers allow a buyer to bring the vehicle back and exchange it to a different vehicle, within a specific time frame

If, you are planning to purchase a used car. It is advisable to purchase certified Toyota used vehicles rather than the same used cars which are a part of non-certified vehicles.

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Best Dealers to Help Acquaint You with New Toyota Cars

All that you own reflects your personality. A personal car especially is a loved possession and is thus often used as a measure to define an individual’s taste. Toyota cars are one of the best known and trusted brands for the past many years. The brand is reputed to introduce high tech features with the launch of every new model and never fail to meet the expectations of its loyal clientele.


Toyota dealers across the globe are acknowledged to render a world class car purchase experience. Every Toyota car loaded with competitive new age features is a good reason in itself to be admired by the masses. But here is a list reasons why you must visit a Toyota dealer to check out the latest model:

  • Take a test drive for a demo to get a firsthand experience of the latest rage
  • The range they showcase, including both new and pre-owned cars is extensive
  • The expert technicians will take you through the high end features and outstanding functionality at every model you point out to
  • You will fall in love with their hospitality and will want to visit again and again

So even if you haven’t explored much of Toyota vehicles in Boucherville, it is time you do and yes, be ready to be blown away by their awesomeness!

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Toyota FCV



Toyota lleva ya mas de 20 años desarrollando la tecnologia de pila de combustible para vehiculos, comenzando con el FCHV disponible en los mercados de Japon y Estados Unidos desde el 2002. El año pasado en el Tokyo Motor Show se revelo el FCV Concept, un producto que no se alejaba mucho de las posibilidades de una produccion futura.

Esta semana, la firma ha confirmado su produccion, con un diseño que se mantiene muy cerca a ese concepto. Se han hecho mejoras al sistema de hidrogeno, el cual ahora rinde similar a un vehiculo propulsado por gasolina, con un rango de uso aproximado de 700kms. El tiempo de recarga es de aproximadamente tres minutos, con la unica reaccion de manejo siendo la produccion de agua por la combinacion de hidrogeno y oxigeno.

El FCV sera lanzado en Japon antes de abril del 2015, seguido en el verano para los mercados…

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What to Look for in a Used Car??

They say a car has a soul of its own, just like people do! This is why you see that so many people from around the world take care of their cars with such pride. But owning a car is not as simple as it looks because of the fact that it involves a huge sum of money and maintaining it over the years costs even more.

But there’s always the option of buying a used car and they make much more sense too these days! Because now it’s easy to find used cars by many big companies like Mazda and they are available at unbelievable prices too!ImageThat’s because when you buy a car its value diminishes and that is great news for people looking to buy a used car. At the end you end up paying quite less than the price of a new car and you end up getting an almost new car. And who wouldn’t want that?

These are a few reasons why it makes more sense to purchase a used car! And rather than spending all that money buying a new car, you can end up customizing your used car.

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A Guide for the Amateur Car Chauffeur and How to Become a Limo Driver

Amateur Car Chauffeur…………

The Playground

Image Courtesy of William Creswell

Want to be an amateur car chauffeur? Or maybe you want to know how to become a limo driver? If you want the latter, then you’ll probably want to be an amateur car chauffeur first, to gain the experience you need to become the limo driver of your dreams.

For the Amateur Car Chauffeur:

First off, an amateur car chauffeur needs a car to drive. But it can’t just be any car. If you own the car you’re driving, then you’ve already failed in your role as chauffeur. Chauffeurs never drive their own vehicles, so you’ll need to find another person’s car. The easiest, fastest, cheapest way to get someone else’s car is to steal it.

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