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Benefits of Purchasing Certified Vehicles

Toyota-Sienna-Steering-Wheel-ControlsCertified vehicles are those which have been inspected and certified by a manufacturer or any other certifying authority. They are a type of used vehicles. They generally include extended warranty, special financing offers and other additional benefits. Manufacturer certified vehicles are only sold at authorized dealers specializing in that particular franchise.

These vehicles often cost more than non-licensed one. But, there are the benefits of buying like

  • Best Condition Quality: Low mileage vehicles with clean history are accepted into certified pre-owned programs
  • Extended Warranty Protection: These type of vehicles comes with the extended warranty
  • Roadside Assistance: These come up with 24 hours roadside assistance. This service assists owners who may run out of fuel, need a jump-start etc
  • Free Maintenance Service: There is a provision of free maintenance service for a specific time or mileage limit which is included as part of the certification process
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Some manufacturers allow a buyer to bring the vehicle back and exchange it to a different vehicle, within a specific time frame

If, you are planning to purchase a used car. It is advisable to purchase certified Toyota used vehicles rather than the same used cars which are a part of non-certified vehicles.