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“I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars and rest I just squandered” it was famously said by the famous Manchester United midfielder George Best. How crazy George was for the cars! Well, the craze for cars was not only seen in George only, it has been seen among many celebrities. For example, Alexandra Paul reckons the cars with our status symbol, perhaps, that’s why she said, “The Cars which we drive say a lot about us”.

May be that’s why, many leading car manufacturers keep on updating their technology in order to manufacture the best cars for the people who are crazy for driving cars. You may see how the car manufacturer companies compete harder to maintain their rankings in auto magazines.

Whether it is Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Mazda, BMW, GM motors or Toyota; all these companies try their level best to be on the top, and to be in the news for their cars as well. But, these days’ people are seen crazy for knowing the reviews of Toyota Corolla Car 2014.

Corolla is very much known for fulfilling the expectations of people from all perspectives. From looks to performance, the Corolla is being liked by all the drivers, even by those people also who have driven it once only. To make it more attractive, Toyota has brought some changes in the looks, designing, some features and comfort in 2014. Surprisingly, it is believed that Toyota has created the best Avatar of Corolla till now.

You will find the looks of this car sportier than its previous models, in other words the car looks more athletic than ever. This is the eleventh generation of Toyota Corolla, and Toyota says that “This generation of the Corolla has everything; be it style, quality, performance or craftsmanship”.

The headlights of the new Corolla 2014 are featured with LED lights which ensure you the best vision possible during nights. Not only this, to ensure safety this time, Toyota has introduced more air bags along with mounted steering controls which makes it the best choice available for people who are intending to buy a car.

For those, who are comfort freak, then here’s good news for them also. You will find automatic headlights and Bluetooth connection for the connectivity for your music phones; and for your phone calls of course! Along with these, you will find an LCD touch screen to enjoy videos also.

While talking about the braking of the car, then it has undoubtedly the best braking, as the front wheels are supported with discs and rear disc brakes also if you want them to apply. As far as the performance of the engine is concerned, then it is beyond imagination as the engine is fully energetic with 140 horsepower.

So, before you buy any other car of different brand, you may keep the above reviews of Toyota Corolla 2014 in your mind and you may take your decision!


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