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Toyota- A name of trust and Quality

Who doesn’t wish to have a luxury car? Undoubtedly all of us! From the poorest to richest, every person desires to have a car which can enhance his/her status in the society. Not only this, along with status; performance of the car also matters. How greedy the human mind is! We want all, in one go.


Well, this is what human nature is all about! And we all are helpless with such greedy thoughts. But still if you are intending to buy a Toyota cars in Montreal, then certainly you are going to make a wise decision. The Toyota is considered as one of the most reliable brands in the world. From all across the seven continents (excluding the Antarctica), and all the hemispheres; Toyota has made its customer believe that it is surely a brand for people of all the classes in our society.

The reason of the success of the Toyota is that it thinks globally and acts locally. This strategy has made Toyota the best choice available among customers throughout the world. If you are really a Toyota obsessed customer or rather a passionate driver then you can’t let go the following Toyota’s characteristics without reading.

  • Innovation in Technology:- Toyota believes in making innovative and productive engines, which can fulfill the expectations of all the customers. This makes Toyota as the leading competitor for other brands like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, etc. Toyota is also considered as the leader in research and development, better known as R&D.
  • The Quality Engines:- Undoubtedly, the engines of Toyota are the quality engines. The company keeps on focusing on the engines and tries to bring changes in them for the customers’ satisfaction. The concerned areas of change in engines are impressive performance, fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, etc. To add another feather in the cap, you may also acknowledge the changes like common rail turbo diesel engine (D-4D) and the THS, commonly known as (Total Hybrid System) which is considered as one of the best engines in the Asian markets.
  • Safety:- Safety is one such department where Toyota has never compromised. The brand has introduced many safety features, to make sure that driver and Co passengers are safe in the car while travelling. Safety measures include the advance steering control, SRS airbags, traction control and anti lock braking system. Not only this, Toyota has also worked on the chassis in such a way that it absorbs the impact of collision and provides protection to a driver.

So, in short, if you have planned to buy a Toyota car, then you have made a right decision and you are suggested to not have any second thoughts over the cars from the Toyota. Whether you are staying in Ottawa, Vancouver or Montreal; Toyota is the best car for your driving any given day.


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A Guide for the Amateur Car Chauffeur and How to Become a Limo Driver

Amateur Car Chauffeur…………

The Playground

Image Courtesy of William Creswell

Want to be an amateur car chauffeur? Or maybe you want to know how to become a limo driver? If you want the latter, then you’ll probably want to be an amateur car chauffeur first, to gain the experience you need to become the limo driver of your dreams.

For the Amateur Car Chauffeur:

First off, an amateur car chauffeur needs a car to drive. But it can’t just be any car. If you own the car you’re driving, then you’ve already failed in your role as chauffeur. Chauffeurs never drive their own vehicles, so you’ll need to find another person’s car. The easiest, fastest, cheapest way to get someone else’s car is to steal it.

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Know more about the new Toyota Corolla

“I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars and rest I just squandered” it was famously said by the famous Manchester United midfielder George Best. How crazy George was for the cars! Well, the craze for cars was not only seen in George only, it has been seen among many celebrities. For example, Alexandra Paul reckons the cars with our status symbol, perhaps, that’s why she said, “The Cars which we drive say a lot about us”.

May be that’s why, many leading car manufacturers keep on updating their technology in order to manufacture the best cars for the people who are crazy for driving cars. You may see how the car manufacturer companies compete harder to maintain their rankings in auto magazines.

Whether it is Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Mazda, BMW, GM motors or Toyota; all these companies try their level best to be on the top, and to be in the news for their cars as well. But, these days’ people are seen crazy for knowing the reviews of Toyota Corolla Car 2014.

Corolla is very much known for fulfilling the expectations of people from all perspectives. From looks to performance, the Corolla is being liked by all the drivers, even by those people also who have driven it once only. To make it more attractive, Toyota has brought some changes in the looks, designing, some features and comfort in 2014. Surprisingly, it is believed that Toyota has created the best Avatar of Corolla till now.

You will find the looks of this car sportier than its previous models, in other words the car looks more athletic than ever. This is the eleventh generation of Toyota Corolla, and Toyota says that “This generation of the Corolla has everything; be it style, quality, performance or craftsmanship”.

The headlights of the new Corolla 2014 are featured with LED lights which ensure you the best vision possible during nights. Not only this, to ensure safety this time, Toyota has introduced more air bags along with mounted steering controls which makes it the best choice available for people who are intending to buy a car.

For those, who are comfort freak, then here’s good news for them also. You will find automatic headlights and Bluetooth connection for the connectivity for your music phones; and for your phone calls of course! Along with these, you will find an LCD touch screen to enjoy videos also.

While talking about the braking of the car, then it has undoubtedly the best braking, as the front wheels are supported with discs and rear disc brakes also if you want them to apply. As far as the performance of the engine is concerned, then it is beyond imagination as the engine is fully energetic with 140 horsepower.

So, before you buy any other car of different brand, you may keep the above reviews of Toyota Corolla 2014 in your mind and you may take your decision!

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Toyota highlander for a Never Ending Voyage!

Apart from the joy of traveling with your dear ones, what is that one thing that can turn almost any journey into a memorable moment? No doubt scenic beauty tops the list but, what actually makes the real difference is a comfortable ride. Traveling via a vehicle that has been designed with the traveler in mind, only doubles up the excitement.

Amidst the various SUVs that were redesigned for their launch this year, Toyota Highlander 2014 is one such car that symbolizes style and adds a new definition to performance. And, it is not without any reason that it is by far one of the most selling SUVs World over. A lot has been said about the aesthetic appeal, functioning and affordability of this astounding sedan in the past few months.


If you are one of the Toyota aficionados and planning to buy this particular model in the near future then we will make your search easier by detailing some of its most talked about features. Let’s begin the text with a quick overview of its exterior beauty…

To begin with, the revised model has a more-angular body. Bold grille, striking front end, sleek roof rails, altered windshield, all new sturdier and bigger wheels (for instance, Highlander Limited flaunts around 19” Chromtec® wheels) and Chrome eyebrows for a macho look are some of the most noticeable traits. Besides this, there are other basic features that are accessible in almost every standard Toyota car.

Moving on to the interiors, the inside of this car has almost been revolutionized with far more appealing and soft material on dash and doors. Manufacturers have paid considerable attention to keeping the car as quiet as possible by adding dash-panel silencer and deadening of sound under the carpet area. In the 2014 model, passenger capacity has been augmented to an even more spacious 8 sitter.

Going a bit ahead near the steering wheels, you will most definitely be amazed by the flowing navigation system, Bluetooth that allows music streaming, backup camera, leather ed seats, panoramic sunroof, rear view mirror with auto-dimming facility keyless ignition and the list goes on…

As for its engine, the base model is powered by a 4-cylinder, V6 engine, which is far more refined and powerful. The best part is that the six-speed automatic transmission is standard on all models. According to the reviewers, it gets an EPA that has been estimated at 25 and 20 mpg on highways and cities, respectively.

The classy, high performance Toyota Highlander 2014 is reflection of a mid-sized SUV that combines driving luxury of a sedan to proffer an incredible experience. Go, get a test drive today!